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Mergers & Acquisitions

In M&A deals we represent both sellers and buyers.

We have no doubt that, as a potential buyer, you know the business of your target well enough to manage its seamless integration into your current corporate structure. You clearly identify the benefits and synergy effect of the acquisition. But our due diligence report may disclose so significant tax, financial and business risks associated with the target that your vision of the deal may be changed drastically from potentially positive to completely negative or have a significant effect on the price of the deal.

Representing you, as a buyer, in result of our due diligence analysis we then conduct valuation of the deal, assist you in price negotiations and other terms of the deal and prepare legal documents to finalize the transaction.

Using our good and long-term relationships with local and international financial institutions and private investors we then can assist you in financial capital raising including both equity and debt financing.

Representing the seller usually includes the following stages:

  • Preparation of information memorandum for the potential buyers or investors;
  • Valuation of the business using different tools: DCF analysis, payback period, rate of investment return, etc.
  • Search and negotiations with potential buyers on transaction terms;
  • Preparation of legal documents to finalize the transaction.

Our corporate finance department is also specializing on individual solutions for private investors how to sell their stake in the business or to exit from the company realizing their interest to existing shareholders.






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