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Mergers & Acquisitions

In these challenging days a lot of profitable businesses are looking for opportunities of sustainable growth within domestic or foreign markets. Often mergers, acquisitions and disposals are seen as a tool to achieve desired target.

But if such transactions are not planned properly, the contemplated value of a transaction can be destroyed by potential tax implications arisen either from a target or from the structure of transaction.  This should be carefully considered especially in cross-border deals, where the transaction is additionally complicated by the mix of different legislations and business cultures.

M&A Tax practice of Alt can assist companies to reveal the risks and opportunities of a transaction, avoiding in this way huge mistakes from the very early stage. Working closely with our Transaction Services group and other MSI member firms, M&A Tax provides:

  • national and multi-jurisdictional tax due diligence for acquirers and vendors, identifying what the tax exposure is on a deal and how it may be mitigated with clear focus on risk assessment
  • advice on the tax consequences of individual acquisitions, joint ventures and divestments in order to help design tax-efficient deal structures
  • assistance in forecasting post-deal tax liabilities in business models
  • post-transaction integration tax advice, which helps you reconcile own tax positions with those of the acquired business.

M&A Tax works closely with our Financial Consultancy Services, so when you are planning restructuring, divestment, shut-down or liquidation, we can help you assessing the tax impact of such transaction.





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