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Strategic corporate advice

If you are new on the Ukrainian market and facing a kind of dilemma whether to invest, participate, buy, sell or produce it looks like a good decision to seek for a professional advice.

Alt's corporate finance team allocates as much time as needed to understand your way of thinking and motives. As long as we all have generated the mutual understanding of the opportunities and risks associated with your strategic decision, a plan to minimize the uncertainty will be offered.

We could be your first (but hopefully not last) reliable partner in Ukraine concentrated on information screening and analysis. That analysis can refer to a particular industry and its main players, markets, your potential business partners, suppliers, buyers and major risks drivers. All our efforts will be concentrated on giving you a strategic advice supported by structured arguments and references to independent information sources.

If you have been making business in Ukraine for some period of time and now are stumped for a major problem it also may be a right time to ask for an independent professional advice. We fully realize that you understand your own business and all its problems deeper than any external advisor. However, for a short period of time we can just look at the problem from another angle, use our experience in different industries and arrange a kind of brain storm.

Our experience suggests that almost all the bottlenecks are caused by the lack of communication at strategic level and information gap between management and shareholders. Quite often we come up with that kind of advice that you have been keeping in mind for a long time and failed to realize it due to the lack of resources or determination. As long as the reason of a problem has been identified how to tackle it is really a technical question.






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