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Shareholders value management

The top objective of management is to increase the shareholder value of the business. This quite obvious fact may not be the case in the countries with undeveloped corporate governance legislation and week public control. In Ukraine there have been numerous examples when management pursues its own short-term objectives which are far enough from maximizing shareholder value.

If you, as a shareholder, would like to introduce an independent consultant into decision-making process of your business Alt's experts are always at your service.

Our professional opinion can be expressed on a variety of management decisions from strategic, such as to enter new markets or to invest in production of a new product, to operational, such as to employ additional staff or to purchase new equipment. Our business advice will be concentrated on the impact of every such management decision to the different aspects of the business: cash flow, profits, taxation and competitive position on the market. Complex analysis of these factors let us come up with a final conclusion: the positive or negative impact of management decisions on the value of business in a short-term period of time as well as in a long run. 






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