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Project finance & monitoring

If we distinguish a business between daily and project, the common trend suggests that the daily part is much better organized and supported by the technological, IT and human resources.

Some businesses enter the projects without any preliminary feasibility study in hope that it will be somehow realized. Our practice suggests that in some cases it will not.

Moreover, poorly controlled projects may destroy the daily business due to chaotic resources re-allocation within the organization. The history knows a lot of examples when failure to realize a big long-term project killed very healthy and reliable businesses.

Alt offers you the services of project's feasibility analysis, its presentation to potential investors and post-deal monitoring. When your business does not have enough resources to realize a project it is not a reason to give up. The management resources can be outsourced and the financial resources attracted if the project is economically and technologically feasible.

Our corporate finance team is always industry focused and experienced not only in feasibility analysis but also in monitoring the project's realization at all its key stages. If the project does not meet your expectation or becomes loss making at some stage our experts will recommend you the most efficient way to exit or shut it down. 






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