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Management Supervision

In our dynamic world of technologies the relationships between control holders and management have become much more complicated.  The perfect internal control systems in place, policies and procedures do not guaranty the controlling party expected performance and behavior of management even in developed economic environments.

In Ukraine the issue of control over the management is very likely to become critical for any investor from the day one. Trying to safeguard their interests in Ukraine the private investors often rely on large multinational audit practices as an element of independent control. However, this solution doest not really address the problem. The random audit teams just conduct standard audit procedures being limited in time and concentrating mainly on audit risks. As a result, the issues of control and management performance are just left beyond the scope of external audit. To prevent fraud, manipulations and underperformance of management the controlling party needs to address these risks directly.

Alt offers you our services as independent, professional and experienced “watch dog” between you and management of your business. Trust and control – that’s the simple theory of success for all private investors in Ukraine. There might be a variety of reasons why you fully rely on your management in taking daily operational and even strategic decisions. However, if you do that, there must be clearly someone in between to preserve your interests and tell you the truth.

Over many years the teams of our internal auditors have been monitoring the management’s performance for our clients. We stay in constant contact with your management as consultants and supervisors. Being experts in a variety of industries, we understand the business deeply and recommend you a set of management reporting to be produced and audited on a regular basis. These reports will always keep you up-to-date with the business’s key performance indicators, trends and current financial position. 




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