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Internal Audit

The controlling function has become of vital importance for any business in today’s challenging and aggressive environment. If your business has an internal audit department, the Board or high executives may need an advice how to organize it and optimize its performance. In case of Alt this advice will come from qualified auditors with huge experience in a variety of industries and markets. Our experts can also be engaged in complicated internal audit projects to assist and advise on designing non-standard tools and procedures.

Alternatively, if you are facing a dilemma to create in-house internal audit department or outsource this function completely, you definitely need a strategic advice. If outsourced, the function stays independent that might be a crucial advantage for some organizations. We do all our best to fit perfectly the company’s corporate culture and understand the high executives’ expectations. Our internal audits quite often reveal not cost effective and underperforming functions which, if optimized, cause significant cost savings for the business. Our experts are always industry focused and equipped with a variety of management tools. Since every business process engages staff and technology some of our internal audits end up with training programs for management.

If the business has just been established and is rapidly developing, the function of internal audit needs formalization meaning procedures, audit programs and report formats. Alt’s experts can be extremely useful at this crucial stage with our practical vision.





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