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Crisis management & business recovery

The business just like people is sometimes in poor health. It could be a real test for the management, shareholders, creditors, lenders and other stakeholders.

Our experience suggests that it is time to listen to each other, to think and to take the optimal decisions for all the parties engaged in the business. First of all, the status quo should be carefully analyzed and understood by all the parties. Then the future expectations are to be reconciled. As long as you know where you are the next step comes to the recovery program design.

Whatever is the reason of crisis - drastic drop in sales, cash flow shortage, wrong investment policy or internal management conflict - it is very important for the stakeholders to tackle it as one team. However, it is always a dilemma for the stakeholders to invest more in the under-performing business or to exit now and recognize losses whatever they are at the moment.

When facing a dilemma of this kind to apply for independent professional advice looks like a very reasonable decision. When your business is in trouble it is time to go to those who you trust.

Alt will develop for you a range of investigative procedures and rescue or turnaround solutions. Our clients could be lenders, creditors, shareholders or management of the business that is in trouble. We will assist you in better understanding of the financial and marketing position of the business, the reasons of its poor performance and key business risks associated with its recovery program. In case of a conflict between management and shareholders we guarantee for the latter our full support and the best negotiation tactic directed to defend your investments.

If the crisis or conflict is so deep that insolvency looks like the only outcome Alt's insolvency department offers you the full range of services to preserve your best interests and minimize losses.






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