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Through our international network of partners Alt offers you our full support on the long road of IPO on international markets. Our professionals can be engaged by the client as auditors or reporting accountants. Our Corporate Finance team would be proud to deliver you an integrated structured corporate solution as financial advisers or tax and legal experts.

We assist you in the following areas:

  • IPO diagnostic
  • Pre-IPO planning
  • IFRS adoption
  • Corporate governance changes
  • Reorganization and restructuring
  • Tax compliance and risks
  • Choosing the right stock exchange
  • IPO realization
  • Post-IPO requirements and obligations.

Having as long-term and reliable partners the international investment banks, nominal advisers, lawyers, brokers and other financial experts in Europe and Asia, Alt gets approached by the Ukrainian groups at the very early stage of IPO project. In result of IPO diagnostic conducted by Alt you obtain the full understanding of where you are at the moment and what steps should be undertaken to make IPO the realistic perspective for your business.






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