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IFRS consulting

Alt can help you if you are facing a problem of conversion to IFRS or if your business is a continuous IFRS reporter. Our IFRS team is always on top of the changes introduced by IASB and actively participates in discussions over potential changes.

There are a lot of IFRS aspects unique to Ukraine as a country. The specific features of industry your business belongs to also add some challenges to reporting compilation process. Having wide international experience of IFRS practical application in different industries, our experts can always help you to understand specific requirements of IFRS and apply them fairly in your particular case.

Over last decade IFRS have gone through a number of conceptual transformations. The general trend of IFRS development is now often being criticized together with audit and accounting profession in general. The reason behind that is the high level of complication and subjectivity that moves IFRS away from its main users – shareholders, investors, lenders and general public. However, IFRS remains the only accounting and reporting framework internationally recognized by the financial markets and the sign of good business practice.





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